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My Inner Voice 
Learn how to trust your Inner Voice and manifest balance in your life from motherhood
to a rewarding career.

Register for 3 Days to learn how to Easily Manifest Prosperity and Abundance into your Life & to Take Advantage of Exclusive Bonuses


During this 3-day event you will discover the formula that anyone can use to manifest abundance and prosperity all of the time. It’s time for you to manifest your deepest desire!  


Tuesday, January 17th through Thursday, January 19th  

from 12:00 PM to 12:40 PM  EDT (same time zone as NYC) each day.

Virtual Online Seminar via Zoom (Replay Included) 
Why Attend? 
Attract abundance with ease by following your inner voice. Learn Healthy Mental Habits (TM) and how to manifest your desires as easily and quickly. 

What Will You Discover At 

The 3 Days to Easily Manifest Prosperity and Abundance into your Life Event

  • Discover why anyone has the capabilities to manifest her deepest desires, including you.
  • Discover the formula to manifest abundance, prosperity, balance, and a rewarding career.
  • Learn the simple habits that will help you to attract prosperity and abundance on autopilot.
  • Learn to remove scarcity in your life by developing a true understanding of money, what it is, how it works, and how you can attract it into your life in abundance.
  • Learn my favorite way to manifest amazing results for yourself while developing confidence and calmness.

Here is what each day will look like!

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3 Days to Easily Manifest Prosperity and Abundance into Your Life
How to have financial stability without sacrificing valuable time to raise your children.

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3 Days to Easily Manifest Prosperity and Abundance into Your Life
How do I listen to my inner voice? When do I know it is actually my inner voice that I’m hearing?

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3 Days to Easily Manifest Prosperity and Abundance into Your Life
It sounds great in theory, but how am I going to implement new things into my busy life?

Special BONUS Offers!

Register for 3 Days to Easily Manifest Prosperity and Abundance into your Life TODAY and get exclusive access to:

How To Figure Out If You Are Working In The Right Career Path


 When you subscribe to the event, you will receive a copy of a questioner to figure out if you are working in the right career path. Enjoy it!

Tools to Help You To Properly Write Your Goals


 When you subscribe to the event, you will receive a copy of a tool that will guide you to properly write your goals. 

Questioner to Identify Your Goals



When you subscribe to the event, you will receive a copy of a questioner to help you identify your goals.

7 Simple Steps to Calm You Even During The Most Stressful Times.


 When you subscribe to the event, you will receive a copy of the 7 steps I personally use to be calm even during the most stressful times.
Why Follow Ana's Advice?
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Ana Parra Vivas - Well-balanced Lifestyle Manifestation Expert.


Ana believes that each of us can achieve great things when we understand our capabilities. Ana grew up in a difficult environment and she did not believe in herself. When she was 18, she changed her perception when she learned about success through the book The Success Manual by Camilo F. Cruz, Ph. D. After this Ana was determined to improve her life.

After achieving what she wanted in her professional career and family life, she found herself in a hole again. She felt very frustrated and guilty that her career was taking away time with her family. She did not feel fulfilled as a woman. All of these negative feelings and thoughts caused her stress and anxiety. As a result, her health started to break down and everything she had built, including her family, started to fall like a house of cards.

She decided to study herself and, ultimately, she discovered the tools that brought her balance as she recovered her personal power.

Ana can help you to reconcile your personal and professional life to achieve a successful, and well-balanced lifestyle—without feeling stressed or anxious while creating it. She can guide you to manifest the life you dream of.


Marina Simone

CEO and Founder, Moms And Heels™

“Ana Parra Vivas has written a must-read for anyone considering to learn how to trust your gut (Inner Voice)...Her three simple steps to take daily is something I implement into my routine...Read this book - and learn from one of the best."

Stephanie Zeidner

Organizational Transformation Executive

“Ana Parra Vivas has cleared the way by articulating from her heart our guide for finding our own inner light. Her guiding light is told with deliberate truth. A beautifully grounded woman embracing values and strengths, honesty, and turmoil. She’s easily trusted and takes our hands through this step- by- step guide to our inner voice. That inner voice we hear – that sometimes is loud within but kept inside under wraps because we have a reason for deferral. Well deferral no more, Ana spells out that inner voice of passion and names it a “vibration” when we feel “called” but aren’t quite sure on the steps to how to make a difference. She helps extract our voice into the World – her book is ingeniously designed getting us in touch with our inner thoughts. Thank you for holding my hand, and walking me through my fears. Share her heart and guide with the World. It's a must read for any phase in life.”

Wendy Cardell

Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur

“If you are tired of feeling stuck in life, you must read "I Trust My Inner Voice"!    You will find easy, applicable tools you can use to transform your own thoughts and create a life you love.  I love Ana’s authenticity in her writing. She is easy to relate to and I am excited to see all the good things that I AM manifesting, thanks to this book.”

Xavier Gray

LTC(Retired), US Army

"Ana has shown how the Inner Voice really is the SECRET - to your success and happiness. TRUST the VOICE and you won't be disappointed. Ignore it or fail to recognize it, you will.  Read it, read it again, and study it until it becomes a part of you.  A must have in every library whether you are a woman or a man.  Great job Ana. A BEST Seller for sure.  SIMPLY TOPS!!!"   

Danielle Martins

Branding Strategist | Marketing Specialist

Bestselling author of Rising Up From Mental Slavery: How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential

"As a working mom, I couldn't relate more to what Ana has experienced. Current society's lifestyle has been suffocating women with such pressure to be perfect in all aspects of their lives that it has been causing great anxiety, burnout, and fear of not being good enough. But there is a way out and it's exactly what Ana teaches in her book. I TRUST My Inner Voice is a must-read for any woman who wants to find the life balance they long for and a wonderful gift to offer to those you love and want to see thriving."

Hema Prapoo
Executive @ World’s Largest Tech company
- Also, wife that supports her husband's career, a mom who lives everyday cherishing the moments with her 2 kids, while balancing a high profile career and contributing to her community -  
“As an immigrant career women who juggles many hats and responsibilities without a local family support system, this book sings to me. Ana’s deep thoughts, moments of reflection, especially as an outsider looking in to a perfect life and yet questioning why life does not feel fully rewarding is something I personally relate to well. As women, we are born with inner instincts that we tend to forget… this book “I Trust My Inner Voice” is a must read for those of us who sometimes forget what we are made of, the fierce strength that we have in us. The simplicity of Ana’s message breakdowns the complex challenge we all face as moms who juggles many in life.”

Luella Jonk, PhD

Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

" I Trust My Inner Voice uses the Law of Attraction to provide any woman a wonderful blueprint towards becoming both a nurturing mother while still acting as an executive of her own life. "

Laura Tomas

Teacher, Habit & Detox Coach. Passionate mom of 2. 

Founder of the platform “Laura Tomas. Invest in you”.

"I wish I had access to this book earlier in my life! My Inner Voice is a practical approach of how you can use manifestation to connect with your true potential and achieve your dreams. Learn how to listen to your positive voice inside you and find the balance and the purpose you have been looking forward in your life."